by Strictly Steele

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released November 22, 2010



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Strictly Steele Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Conversation:REAL
Verse 1

So tell me how it feels?
I don't believe people when they say they keep it real
I hardly think they're fresh even if they've broke the seal
and its hard to stay calm when layers start to peel
silly rabbits
no easter bunny necessary
I make money yours is short like february
they say money makes the world go round
but i swear it was spinning even before we had currency
religion is another thing that really troubles me
pastors preachers, don't believe in 'em
rebels, terrorists I really have no fear in em
just the man that puts ideas in their heads
I'm trying to make move these dudes never taking steps
as i gain knowledge I really don't know who to trust
paranoid world of mishaps and break ups
another kid with no role models
lets see who else follows
i'm getting older so i getting wiser now
i'm sitting shot gun and now i'm sitting driver now
crash helmet roll cage going 150
they say they know me but do they really know Strictly?
so let me put it out right

Verse 2

Rich in love, poor in pain
love attention, hate the fame
I guess you can't have everything
and i'm the type to never really complain about anything
can't wait till my people get on
follow the path of the others what you reckon
last year i chilling with cousin
now i'm sitting here sobbing sorrows with his offspring
kinda messed up ain't it
make the most of the time you got with em
you never know when the time you got will be lost with them
my biggest fear, is me not being here
at the very sight at the death of my peers
but life goes on, another one is created
so lets see how life goes and what i'll make of it
21 years young
rip cus i know another years gone on
Track Name: Conversation:WalkAlone
Fantastic Fantasies flicker through my memory

Trying hard not to let these moments move past me

and actually

the thought it kinda distracts me

Still working hard just like i’m amish

No outside looking in

and from my view, its seems it’s better to look within

Art never dies unless it is abandoned

So i plan on homing my craft until i find out its finally mastered

and if you want things to stay as they are you have to change a little bit

World’s a beautiful place I find it hard explaining it

See I dream of painting things then i paint my dreams

Van Gogh with the flow

Create anything

and as we romance about the place we intend to be

How about be happy with the place you currently see?

I know folks with no water that are a-washed with pride

and they ain’t done with life……….it’s like