by Strictly Steele

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Grimey as a Favela but sweet like Nutella


Strictly Steele) Yeah I'm a Global Citizen
They ask me where I'm from, I said somewhere between the stars and where the earth is
Living life trying to find out what my worth is
seems worthless to question whether its worth it
Nothing in life is perfect, so they say
all I need is fam yo and i'll be great
Instead I'm overseas being overseen by some peeps that seem to never dream
and all this attention tends to make the females over keen
God bless the man watching over me
Came back here to spend time with the fam
Ended up working full time and getting taxed by the man
But I'll perish, soon you'll see my merits
Control my whole squad like my name is Doug Ellis
People cop new cars but most times they rent it
Just to impress some motherfuckers that you don't like
I really don't know why
They say I got a cold vibe
Cause I tell it like it is
Big things, but I never predicted this
Cold flow, most say I have no pulse
The only time you're cold is when you got cold sores
herpes, oh please strictly, yeah i be on the grind again
2 shots of Jaeger and a few cans of Heineken
Had a little liquor and a man grows in confidence
They talk a lot of shit so please don't confide in them
You see its perfect the way that i timed this
kriss kross make things fall in place like Alexey Pajitnov
Bless this
Hard to figure out like my accent
Wanna ask my homes questions why don't you ask them
Yo i window shopped for rolex's to find out time cost a pretty penny
so imma pimp a pretty chick named "Penny" to gain a few pennies
get a few moneys then i spend it
man I'm all up for travelling
went to Berlin to watch the sunset
only touched the world so I'm not done yet.

No matter what it is
No matter its like
Yo it doesn't get better than this

No matter what it's like
No matter what it is
Yo it doesn't get better than this


released May 17, 2011
Produced by Slumgullion.
Original Track Favela



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Strictly Steele Toronto, Ontario

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