I'm So

by Strictly Steele

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Strictly Steele x ThreeJay
Good Company
Original beat: Samiyan - Pressure


Gone are the days where we talk about pain
You see I'm healing up my wounds now.
Don't assume you know everything
Cause you'll only make an ass out of you now.
I think I've made enough space just to move round
this landscape different to the place I used to move round
How I got here? Some say I'm lucky
a lot of chat, they about we
and when i talk about they I talk about the ones that disagree
although i'm in love with words, it never really seems to get with me
i'll be out, I'm just chilling my crew
plotting on the next action we all plan to do
it's a must all the fam i gotta bring through
and these girls are so eager it seems a sin not to
i don't know about the rest
but we look above and aim for the sky as we progress yes

I'm so high with it and i don't think i ever wanna come down down down
I look back on it, i never thought i'd be here right now now now now

And I'm so high with it
so high up in the sky yo it's like i playing quidditch
your so low it's low its like your chilling with the midgets
tryna stay low na i really don't get it
we don't play games homeboy are you kidding
not much gets in the way when you got tunnel vision
fake representations 'bout the way that your living
i live minimal, they say that I'm simple
i'd rather be that although i seem complex
no need for a bad excuse i'd rather confess
not much on my chest
i'm just vibeing out
and all the crew i started with we're still riding now
is she with me, na she just tagged along
she smelt the success that i probably sprayed along
i don't know about the rest
but we look above and aim for the sky as we progress


released July 20, 2011



all rights reserved


Strictly Steele Toronto, Ontario

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